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-100% waterproof            
    (<1 perm)
- No exclusion for            
    ponding water
-UL Class A flame           
- Rapidly renewable        
      biobased soy oil        
- Low odor/ low V.O.C.    
- Energy Star approved
&    CRRC listed
-Long term U.V.               
Building Materials Made from Soybean
Environmental Liquid Membrane Systems

ELMS roofing systems are designed to restore and extend the life of your
existing roofing system for a fraction of the cost of conventional roofing
applications. ELMS brings USDA certified
biobased soy polymer chemistry to
the industrial roofing market. ELMS roofing systems are 100% waterproof
membranes designed for use over low-slope roofing systems where ponding
water may exist. With successful field and third-party testing, ELMS advanced
roofing systems are the future of industrial roofing.
Roofing Materials

ELMS 150
Liquid membrane roofing application for:
  • EPDM
  • Aged PVC and Single Ply Roofing Assemblies
  • Metal Roofs
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • 10 year system warranties available

ELMS Platinum
Biobased urethane roofing application for:
  • All Roofing Substrates Listed Above
  • Single Coat, Multi-Coat and Reinforced Applications
  • 12 year & 15 year system warranties available        
Accessory Products

AGRISEAL PLUS- Single component biobased urethane       
 caulk used in conjunction with ELMS, replacing conventional     
urethane sealants.

ENVIROGRIP- Web backed, synthetic adhesive tape used      
for repairs and flashing details with the ELMS membrane           

Naturalock- This biobased low-rise foam adhesive is
designed to replace and outperform petroleum based
adhesive fastener products for bonding approved roof
insulations and substrates to a building's structural roof deck,
base sheets, and other insulation boards. Naturalock is a cost
effective, dual-component, reaction-cure, biobased  
polyurethane foam adhesive system that is very high in
biobased content and uses half of the reactive component MDI
than conventional adhesive products do.

Natural Masonry Jacket
  • Excellent adhesion and waterproofing capabilities over
    numerous stone and masonry applications such  as
    brick, concrete, terra cotta, limestone, split face block
    and more.           
  • Resistant to alkali and acids over life of coating
  • Resistant to mold, algae and bacteria over life of
  • No loss of mil thickness from UV or aging
  • Zero permeability liquid membrane

Natural Metal Jacket
  • Superior adhesion and waterproofing capabilities over
    numerous structural steel and metal surfaces that can
    be applied directly to rusted metal without the  use of a
  • 100% waterproof (<1 perm)        
  • Resistant to alkali and acids over the life of coating
  • Resistant to fungal and bacterial attack
  • Spray, roll or brush applied
Additional product
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Concrete Sealer & Waterproofer
  • Excellent sealing performance, 24 Month Seal
  • Use on concrete and other masonry products
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • User-friendly; reduce risks associated with exposure
  • Non-flammable, mild odor
  • Sprayable, easy clean-up with water

Wood Sealer & Waterproofer
  • Excellent sealing performance, 24 Month Seal
  • Natural soy-based sealer for all wood,decks and docks
  • Contains no harsh VOC's, non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • 100% all natural ingredients
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable        
  • Safe for workers and environment